About Us


Have you heard of Serwel Electronics? The company was established back in the year 1997. It is headed by technology genius and expert called Mr. A. V. Rao. He is known for many important traits but what sets him apart from the rest is one key factor. He has vast experience in the department of premium quality electronic services.


What you are also likely to find exciting about us are the close attention to detail on matters dealing with technology, infrastructure, and a qualified team of employees, ready to meet your every need. Our gifted and qualified workforce has over the years spearheaded the success of the company, taking it to the heights it enjoys today.

Our search for the best possible services and products led us to take a slight break from the constantly growing market environment. Therefore, we took the time and got the right infrastructure and technology required for the better delivery of services. We now have a broader team of employees and new technological advancement, ready to match the growing trends in today’s economy.

As a company, we always try to offer the best kind of price and performance to our esteemed customers. We do this so as to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with our services and more so, with our high-quality products. All these matched together with our thirty-five years of professional experience gives us an edge over our competitors and also creates a sense of reliability with our customers or clients.